Welcome to Candyland Day Care Center, where we prioritize creating an academic and social setting aimed at nurturing all-around individuals.

Our history

Candyland Aldine was established in 2015 by Mr. Abdul Qadir Parekh with a heartfelt mission to educate the young explorers of our community in their crucial early childhood educational journey. His vision was to provide a safe place for the children of working parents, allowing them to carry on with their day worry-free! He has ensured that Candyland Aldine stands as a non-discriminate facility, welcoming children of all backgrounds without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or disability. Mr Parekh is currently operating.

Our graduates

One of our proudest annual achievements is the graduation of 100 or more students from our early childhood program. Children who participate in our early childhood programs are well-equipped to enter and thrive in either the public or private school systems. Students who graduate from Candyland Aldine are noted for their positive attitudes toward education and their readiness for the challenges of the real world.


Our Staff

We are proud to say that Candyland Aldine Child Care is a renowned and respected childcare in your neighborhood and among the best in Texas. Since we care so much about the development and education of the children in our creche, we maintain a clean, up-to-date facility under the close supervision of our owners.

Health & Safety

We will meet all age developmental stages and provide a positive influence upon every child. The Center also provides advanced learning and enjoys building independent skills. We plan to ensure every child leaves this Child Care Center as a well-learned student that is prepared for school.”