You may have noticed that most people fear of public speaking which means speaking in front of a small or large group of people or even a few people. Public speaking can either be a school’s/university’s project presentation, a formal presentation at the office, a toast at a relative’s wedding, giving reviews in a meeting, or other formal or casual events. This fear is not about speaking, but actually, this fear results due to the anticipation of speech. Many people usually overcome this fear when they get on the platform, while others may struggle a lot and may need support to buck up. 

The anticipatory fear of speech causes anxiety, not only in adults but kids too. To overcome this fear in your kids and loving ones, let’s understand why we fear of public speaking.

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Three reasons cause anxiety and fear of public speaking. These concerns are:

  1. Audience,
  2. Fear of terrible speech
  3. Fear of Failure

There are many ways to overcome these fears. Here you will read the major ways that can help you be confident about public speaking.

Encompass the subject

Be excited about the subject that you are planning to talk about. Keep your voice energetic your excitement will settle your shaking voice, and your energy will be more focused on your speech. You will then forget the fear and will keep focusing on the matter of your speech.

Embrace the Listeners 

Remember that people sitting in the audience are just like you, do not be scared of them. To know your audience before the speech, do some homework. You can find out prior what type of audience will be present, their gender, age group, and the reason for their attendance. Know the type of event, is it casual or formal? You may notice that people are here for a reason, and you are very well aware of it. Capture their attention by engaging them in the topic, and they will then pick your energy. You know that energy is transmitted, so your positive energy is communicable to the audience.

Trust in yourself 

When you know that you have selected an interesting topic and you know all the details about it, then you will be super confident. You will understand that you are the expert therefore, you have been selected for it. When you believe in yourself, others will then believe in you.

Calm yourself before the speech

Before the time you have to speak, or on the day of your speech, you can do some physical activity that can vanish your nervousness. You can also relax yourself engaging in some favorite activities and chilling.

Do enough practice

We all know that practice makes a man perfect. Doing anything to perfection requires so much practicing, and this way success is achievable. Practice your speech in front of a mirror, look at your facial expressions and body language, record your speech and then watch it to improvise any further. These are some ways that can be useful in channeling your nervous energy and turning it to your advantage