The tradition that is shared by most Americans known as “Thanksgiving” is around the corner. They celebrate this custom in a portion of their colonies. This Thanksgiving tradition is being celebrated by individuals for more than centuries at the down of harvest. A marked entity is appealed to join the feast on Thanksgiving Day.

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The chronicle of this Thanksgiving feast is of great curiosity. None has exactly known what the actual honor of placing the bird – Turkey on the dinner table for Thanksgiving dinner is. But, praises to the fore settlers who put down records, and the credit goes to all the American natives who have put in writing these records.

A group of people believes that SARAH JOSEPH HALE (An American writer) is being responsible for the traditional Turkey feast. Some said that PRESIDENT FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT moved the credit of the celebration of this Thanksgiving Day. Writers long considered Thanksgiving been taken place in 1621 when MAY FLOWERS PILGRIMS sat down for three days meal with WAMPANOAG Indians that has a menu including fowl and beef. The letter of Edward Winslow, one of the pilgrims, on his turkey hunting voyage just before the meal denotes the inclusion of turkey in the thanksgiving dinner. 

History also shows that when the fleet of Spanish ships, that were coming to attack England were drowned, queen ELIZABETH got pleased on hearing the news while she was having a goose for the dinner. She thus ordered another to be served as a joy for the news. The settlers thus adopted this trend and replaced the goose with a turkey. After the adoption of Thanksgiving dinner, ABRAHAM LINCOLN declared it a national day all over America.

Wild Turkey is North America’s indigenous bird, thus was considered the serving bird for the Thanksgiving dinner by FRANKLIN Benjamin. He also thought that Turkey should be America’s national bird however not everyone agreed. 

Since then, the bird has been the holiday star at the Tradition of Thanksgiving Turkey. The table is being served with bountiful dishes having a large bird (With maple butter and rosemary) that can feed up a large group of people adding a bowl of Cranberry sauce, Pumpkin pie, delicious bread stuffing, and Crushed potatoes on a side. The estimation shows that approximately 46 million Turkeys are eaten at Thanksgiving and the bird is being roasted weight in pounds.

Facts About Tradition of Thanksgiving Turkey: –

Here are some facts that might be surprising for you about the Thanksgiving turkey,

  • Turkey was not served on the first Thanksgiving.
  • Domestic turkeys cannot fly
  • The loose skin of turkeys is called wattle
  • Turkeys can run up to the speed of 20 miles per hour
  • Pilgrims didn’t use forks for the first Thanksgiving feast.
  • An average person eats about 4500 calories on the day of Thanksgiving.

Americans eat approximately 50 million Pumpkin pies on the day of Thanksgiving.

How the Thanksgiving Turkey Feast Dinner has changed over the years: –

In the past centuries, the Thanksgiving meal was significantly based on Cranberry sauces, Pumpkin pies, and Crushed potatoes with a giant roasted Goose or Turkey but now nowadays, the Thanksgiving feast brought an immense change to the menu;

  • Cold Turkey (Slowed roasted) along with Cranberry sauce.
  • Sweet potatoes casserole/Green bean casserole.
  • Corn
  • Brussel sprouts.
  • Nuts and Shellfish

Cranberries were part of the Wampanoags’ fall diet however we do not have any reference to cranberries being served at thanksgiving dinner, but they grew wild and well at that time. While corn, pumpkins, squashes, and beans were also included in their meal. Today we thank the Wampanoags who were amazing seasoned planters and introduced three sister methods of crops. We now enjoy main crops and a delicious menu for thanksgiving dinner. This national tradition brought a deep impact on the US economy, todays’ average Thanksgiving feast in the U.S.A is approximately 53.31 U. S dollars.